Setting Intentions For The New Year

As we’re envisioning the next year, it can either be overwhelming or exciting to think about how much we want to accomplish in the next 12 months.

We’re all writing out our checklists and coming up with new goals to reach.

Maybe you’re looking forward to a blank slate to recover from this year.

Understanding the reasons behind your goals can cut down on the unnecessary pressure to perform just for the sake of it.

In a world that’s pulling us in 50 different directions and always asking us to do more, choose to slow down and decide what’s going to be important to you in the upcoming year.

1. Honor The Progress You’ve Made This Year

Take a moment to be proud of all of your accomplishments – both big and small!

Recognize how much you’ve grown in different areas of your life. Figure out what helps you grow and what tends to hold you back. 

Note the habits that you’re glad you’ve created and build on them in 2020. Your habits become your life, so get rid of the ones that don’t align with who you want to be by the end of next year.

2. Shift Your Perspective On What Goals Mean To You

Try not to set goals that reflect fear, doubt, and self-loathing. Working towards a new career, moving past a break up, or meeting a goal weight can either be rooted in shame or love. 

Go into 2020 wanting to create, grow, and love as much as you can and everything else will follow. 

You’ll build the business you dream of because you’re passionate about it. 

You’ll heal from the pain you’ve accumulated up until this point because you’re too full of peace to carry it anymore. 

You’ll workout more and eat healthier because you love yourself and you want to feel good.

Your goals should be for self-improvement rather than satisfying the opinions of others.

3. Scratch The Unrealistic Resolutions And Keep The Goals Your Excited To Reach

When making resolutions, I can usually tell way ahead of time what I can and can’t commit to.

You don’t have to have monumental goals that are going to weigh on you until you give up on them in February.

Create a small list of goals that build on top of each other leading to somewhere bigger. Simply add on to your list if you complete it earlier than you thought you would have.

Set the highest of intentions, but have expectations that leave room for grace.

2019 was definitely the best year of my life, and if it wasn’t yours, I hope the next one is.

I want to thank everyone who read, liked, shared, and commented on something I wrote this year. My confidence has grown immeasurably because of your support.

You now have the option to email me anonymously through my contact page, so let me know how I can be praying for you.

I’m cheering you on!

With love, Bailey

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