Hi. 🙂 I’m going to pretend ya’ll noticed and say “my bad” for not posting for 6 months. There’s a 100% chance it will happen again.

I kind of updated my website look though so at least it’s cuter now.

I also cut my own bangs (and got them fixed the next day. love you Aunt Christie.), so I’m cuter now too.

The last couple of months have been kind of a roller coaster but we’re finally, actually moving next month! Exclamation points because it’s a good thing and we’ll find another one!!!!!!! (insert nervous laughing)

We’re going to go on some kind of vacation once we move- maybe to the beach or Montana? Idk. I worked on an article about an elopement there last week and it seems cool.

Anyways. I wanted to share a couple places that we really enjoyed on our last vacay before I disappear again.

Garden of the gods is a tourist favorite, and definitely a must see when visiting Colorado. It’s located In Colorado Springs and you can spend as much time of your day as you’d like there, depending on how far you travel into the 1,300 acre park.

There’s lots of hiking for all agility levels here.

I apologize to the people who saw me bite the dust after sliding down gravel like a cartoon character at Balanced Rock (ironic name but ok). I saw you laugh and I understand.

YA YA Farm & Orchard is a hidden gem in Colorado Springs. It’s a little ways out from the other attractions in the city, but the country drive is beautiful and the farm is well worth it. It was nice to have a slow day in between all of the hiking that we did.

We weren’t able to walk through the orchard and pick apples because of a poor crop year, but there’s a shop to buy as much as you want and several activities.

The Apple donuts from their store are to die for. We also got some fresh honey, apples, and you can feed the horses and pick flowers from their garden.

Dream Lake is a 2.2 mile hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. That sounds like a short walk at the gym and a lot of other blogs say it’s an easy hike, but I would do a little bit of lung training before I took my Louisiana-altitude-adapted-body back up there.

Shout out to the 5 year olds who were running to the top. I hope to be like you someday.

I also understand why people have campers now. The bathrooms in national parks are…something.

Boulder Falls was an unplanned stop and one of the best things we did on our whole trip.

It’s a decent drive up Boulder Canyon considering the current construction. But it’s only a 100 yard, non-treacherous hike, so it’s safe for children and those who are clumsy like me.

This isn’t really on brand for Colorado but me and Gavin will be playing putt putt until we’re in our 80’s. Adventure Golf and Raceway in Westminster has 3 really fun courses!! Let me know if you see any houses with a mini golf course in the backyard. That’s the dream.

Rosie’s diner in Aurora is super cute and had good french toast too.

What’s your favorite place to visit in Colorado? Ok, bye. Talk to you later.


The Pros And Cons Of Cruising For Your Honeymoon

W​e chose a cruise for our honeymoon, and we’re still talking about how much fun we had at the comedy shows and how delicious the molten lava cake was.

W​ith the cost of travel, accommodations, meals, entertainment, and activities included, it’s no wonder so many couples are opting to do the same.

There are certainly more pros than cons when it comes to taking a cruise, but I’m sure you know by now that I’m honest to a fault and will always share the “bad” along with the good. I say “bad” because the cons are all “first world problems” and not real complaints. They’re just some facts I’d like to point out.


1. I​t’s One Of The Cheapest Ways To Travel Internationally

T​here’s no denying that you won’t find a more convenient, cost effective way to travel overseas than cruising.

We live 3 hours away from the nearest cruise ship port, so we didn’t even have to pay for a plane ticket to get there.

W​hether you choose to add excursions to your trip or not, there’s SO much to do and you’ll never be bored.

Plus, with a recommended weight restriction of 100 pounds of luggage with no fees, you’re free to bring nearly anything you may need, with room to take home your shopping purchases.

2. You Get To Travel To More Than One Place

W​hy choose one country to visit, when you can see 3 in 7 days or less?

W​e were able to go scuba diving in the Cayman Islands, swim with dolphins in Cozumel, Mexico, and zip line through the Jamaican jungle in Montego Bay.

W​e never would have been able to experience such different cultures in that short period of time traveling any other way.

3. A​ll Of Your Meals And Entertainment Are In One Place

​Obviously, you have several other options besides a cruise for your honeymoon.

If you’re not staying at an all-inclusive resort, you’ll have to navigate the city for places to eat and things to do, which can be especially difficult in a foreign country. 

That may be something you enjoy ​if you love adventure and don’t mind working a little harder to catch a taxi and scope out the local spots.

I​f you prefer structure and an itinerary laid out before you, a cruise is the way to go. 

Y​ou’ve had enough planning and decision-making for a while, why not kick back and let someone else do the meal planning?


1. Y​ou Only Get A Few Hours In Each Port

My honeymoon was the first time I traveled outside of America.

I had never been anywhere that I desperately wanted to revisit, so it made no difference to me where we went.

N​ow that I’ve been to a few new places, I know that Grand Cayman is my favorite so far and I would love to go back someday for a longer trip.

I​f you don’t have one specific place you want to spend at least a couple of days in, I still recommend a cruise; but if you know exactly where you want to go, traveling directly there and staying onsite is probably the best option for you.

2. There May Not Be Much Peace And Quiet 

If you’re booking a cruise around the time of a holiday break or in the summer, it’s possible that there will be a lot of kids on board.

I actually planned my wedding date around my state’s school schedule in hopes of not being on my honeymoon with spring breakers. 

L​ittle did I know, different states have very different schedules. Half of Michigan packed up their families and traveled to New Orleans to join us.

It didn’t bother us since we were just happy to be there, but I understand if you’re wanting a kid-free vacation.

Choosing a luxury cruise line or an adult only cruise is the best way to ensure your time by the pool will be peaceful.

Overall, we had an amazing honeymoon and would definitely do it all again. There are pros and cons to every destination and how you choose to get there. Only you can decide what you value most and what you’re willing to deal with. Happy honeymooning!